Macron Talks Climate Change And Oh, Yeah, Terrorist Shot at Notre Dame


The new president of France Emmanuel Macron thinks France’s big problems are climate change. The terror attacks are not high on his list of priorities apparently.

Meanwhile Tuesday, a man, screaming ‘this is for Syria’, attacked an officer with a hammer at the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The attacker was shot twice by the officer. There are conflicting reports as to whether the terrorist is alive or recuperating. We at the Sentinel don’t care enough to find out.

It is being investigated as a terror attack.

It’s sadly ironic that this is taking place on D-Day when the Allies sacrificed so much to free the French from Nazism in one of the most significant events in history.

The officer was bashed in the head in the square in front of the cathedral, French police told Fox News.

The Daily Mail reported that the attacker is/was an Algerian student. It is also being reported by Agent France-Press that the suspect claimed to be ‘soldier of the caliphate’

France is currently tracking 17,000 potential terrorists but let’s talk about the weather with Macron.

The British have 23,000 potential jihadists and deported about 40,000 suspect individuals last year.

In this video clip, you will see police surround the terrorist at Notre Dame.

In this next video, you can watch the maniac lunge at police with a hammer, which ABC news delicately referred to as a man with a “tool”. This is the headline: Man attacks Paris police with tool at Notre Dame ‘for Syria’ – ABC News.

We can thank Barack Obama for all this misery with his inept handling of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, among others.

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