Macy’s Told to Not Detain Minority and Foreign Shoplifters



Juweria Khalid, she can’t understand why she was detained and fined for shoplifting

The story is simple really, Juweria Khalid bought a necklace at Macy’s and liked the earrings so much that she took them and put them in her purse. As she headed out, she was stopped by loss prevention guards.

She told the guards this: she said her arms were full and was headed up to the children’s department. She put the earrings in her bag so she could pay for them in that department several floors up.

Her arms weren’t quite so full when she bought the necklace I guess?

She couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t listen. She was made to remove her hijab and sit for hours in a detention cell. She was made to pay a $500 fine when the items she was stealing planning to pay for were only worth $100. She wanted to pay the $100 instead of the $500.

After she was released, she said she miscarried. She claims that is Macy’s fault as is their holding her in their detention center in the first place.

Her case was dismissed by a judge for lack of evidence and her lawyer claims it vindicated her.

Her lawyer now found a dozen others like her and has prepared a federal suit against Macy’s. He said Macy’s has to be more careful about “who they stop.”

“They’re preying on the most innocent people on our society. People of color, often people from out of the country, often people who don’t speak English or speak English well. There’s a big problem at Macy’s with who they stop, why they stop them and the cover up after the fact to justify the stop,” said attorney Wigdor.

Preying? Seriously?

So now they want profiling?

We can’t profile if we think they are committing a crime but we must profile them to set them free?

Macy’s responded.

“Macy’s policies strictly prohibit any form of profiling and we have zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind,” the retailer said to PIX11 News in a statement Wednesday evening.

Does this lawyer want shoplifting by minorities and foreigners to be legalized?  What do you think? Is that where we are headed.

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