Mad Max Waters Is Scared of the Oathkeepers


Maxine Waters should be more afraid of her district denizens than the Oathkeepers. But she says she’s worried about the Oathkeepers since they are about to stage armed protests. Oathkeepers do not call themselves an anti-government militia but they do like guns.

On Wednesday, Mad Max warned of possible “armed protests” by the Oath Keepers organization. She described them as “an anti-government militia” that have conducted armed protests across the country.

The group, founded by Yale Law graduate Stuart Rhodes, bills itself as an association of non-partisan current and former military officers, cops and first responders. They recently provided disaster relief to hurricane victims. White supremacists are not allowed at their rallies.

They support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment.

While I can’t vouch for all the chapters, the one on Long Island is exactly as described. They’re mostly police, fire fighters, and military, retired and current.


On Tuesday, the group issued a “call to action” against Waters. They urged members to prepare for as many as several weeks of protests in the Los Angeles area. They’re planning to peacefully protest.

Waters said they want to inflame racial tensions.

“I am requesting those individuals and groups planning a counter-protest to not be baited into confronting the Oath Keepers with any demonstrations in opposition … Such an occurrence would only exacerbate tensions and increase the potential for conflict.”

“The Oath Keepers would like nothing more than to inflame racial tensions and create an explosive conflict in our community,” Waters said. “The group is known to protest in military-style clothing while carrying various assault weapons.”


This is a warning from a race-baiting woman who told her supporters to harass Republican leaders in restaurants, gas stations, anywhere.

“If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” she said.

She has walked that back since then.

The Oathkeepers aren’t calling for anyone to harass, threaten or intimidate. Instead, what they said is they want to protest “terrorist inciter Maxine”. They are standing “against terrorism, and they stand for freedom of speech, freedom of association, and in support of ICE/Border Patrol as they enforce constitutional immigration laws.”

They don’t sound dangerous. Maybe she confused them with her Marxist buddies, Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

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