Mad Mueller Thinks Russians Are Out to Get His Russia Collusion Intel


Special counsel Robert Mueller appears to be paranoid. There are other possibilities.  Perhaps he’s a propagandist and protectionist covering up for a corrupt DoJ. Pick one. He appears to think Russian agents are trying to gather intel on his collusion probe. He requested a “protective order” yesterday to keep away Kremlin-backed officials.

According to Law & Crime, Mueller and his top deputy Rush Atkinson “filed a 14-page motion” this week that argued his team should no longer be forced to disseminate key material to a Russian company indicted for meddling on social media.

“After review of the materials, defense counsel could seek permission from the Court to make additional disclosures. For any foreign national to whom defense counsel wishes to disclose sensitive materials, defense counsel would provide a firewall counsel for the government (separate from the prosecution team) with the name of any such individual contemporaneous to its request for Court approval,” states the motion.

The special counsel’s team believes Concord Management – the indicted Russian company – will share info with the Kremlin.

Mueller indicted these Russians and won’t let them have the data they need to defend themselves. There is an easy solution, drop the charges. Since when do we indict anyone in this country and not allow them to see the evidence that got them indicted?

This is Mueller’s proposal from Law & Crime:

In English, Mueller’s team is suggesting that Concord Management not have access to the evidence being used against them–at least not at first. The special counsel contends that only Concord Management’s attorneys be given access to said evidence and that maybe, at some point in the future, with the court’s permission, two additional legal teams–one provided by the defense; one provided by the government and putatively unaffiliated with the prosecution–might huddle together and come to an agreement that Concord Management actually be afforded an opportunity to view the evidence in question.

He wants to afford them the possibility of maybe seeing the evidence eventually.

As the author, Colin Kalmbacher writes, it’s likely Mueller is posturing and trying to weigh the case down with red tape.

Read the full report here.


  1. Mueller never thought that the attorney’s for Concord Management would ever show up in court, just like the 13 Russians Mueller has accused of election meddling, its a joke, why has Mueller asked the court 2 times to delay Flynn’s sentencing? what about Gates, Popadopoluos they have all plead guilty,has he yet turned over the memo from DOJ outlining the scope of this Phoney investigation to the judge in the Manafort case, this whole Russian thing is over Mueller, just wrap it up and quit ripping off the taxpayers for this clown show!!!

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