Madeline Albright Says There’s Plenty of Room for Illegal Aliens Flooding Borders


Hawking her new book, Fascism, former secretary of state Madeline Albright said she is concerned about Fascism in the U.S. and around the world. She told a BBC reporter that Donald Trump isn’t a Fascist but he is the “most undemocratic president in modern American history and that troubles me.”

She suggests throughout the recent interview with the BBC that it’s Fascist to not welcome the illegal aliens pouring across our borders. We need them, the corporations say so, and we have plenty of room, according to her.

She said a Fascist leader uses violence to achieve his tribal goals. That sounds like the Democrat tribes — Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Maxine Waters, and so on.

While she doesn’t think Trump is a Fascist, his attitude towards the First Amendment [PC is a Democrat ideal] and the [fake] media, his disregard for institutions [the corrupt DoJ/FBI?] “worries” her.

The BBC host asked her about fears of unlimited immigration that took place under Democrats’ watch.

Albright said, “there’s plenty of room for people in the United States and there are a lot of companies now saying — cultural — that we need them.” But the part that she “finds totally offensive is the language that Trump uses that the people are coming in are ‘infesting or invading America’. She thinks that’s “ridiculous”.


President Trump has only used the word ‘infesting’ in relation to criminals like MS-13. As far as invading, when the Border Patrol catches a minimum of 50,000 illegal aliens in a month, that is an invasion.

This tale of Trump’s language is a Democrat lie. The media is repeating the lie and claiming he is saying it about all illegal aliens they like to call “undocumented immigrants”. The President tweeted it when he was referencing the abuse ICE has been taking with the Democrat movement to abolish ICE. He was clearly talking about MS-13 and the media/Democrats know it.

Albright and the host talked about the [manufactured] crisis of children in cages and it reminded her of “Fascist countries”. She ignored the fact that the children were not in cages and Barack Obama did the same thing.

She doesn’t see how the U.S. can tell the Europeans what to do on immigration if “we can’t be more humane ourselves”.

The former secretary says the President’s successes in North Korea are a “Kim win”. She bashed him on trade. However, the EU is considering lowering car tariffs.

About the midterms, she says the Democrats have a lot of women running. Democrats only think in terms of identity politics. She also suggested Donald Trump won’t be around to run in 2020.


To sum up the most important issue, she thinks there is “plenty of room” in the country for the illegal aliens pouring in and it’s only “humane” to allow it to continue. Albright is clearly promoting open borders. Additionally, we have to demand open borders so we can insist the Europeans do the same.

The now-81-year old was a god-awful secretary of state but if you try to google it, all you find is information on her book and her criticisms of Trump.


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