Madmen of D.C.


Kerry is mad, Hillary is mad, Bernie is made, but Obama is the maddest of them all and 38% of the country are happy with his performance.

The horror of last Friday night’s attack in Paris is made worse by the fact that this is going to continue and it could happen anywhere. While most are deeply concerned, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, and John Kerry are worried about the climate change summit not being the topic of discussion this week. Hillary is worried we will call it radical Islam.

This next brief clip is horrific as a pregnant woman hangs on to a sill outside a window to avoid the gunmen and the cries and screams of innocents can be heard as shots and explosions go off. Why don’t the people in office understand what’s happening to the West, not just Paris?

John Kerry’s speech writers should be shot, in fact, they should be tortured. While bloviating with inflated, fatuous language, Kerry felt the need to mention the climate summit where he hopes to put together a treaty on climate that will circumvent Congress. What does the climate summit have to do with this attack? You get the feeling this attack is an intrusion on their agenda.

“We do so as a reminder of the brave people of France that your American sisters and brothers will stand with you shoulder to shoulder as we have stood together throughout history. Tonight as the old motto of this it resilient city says, we have painted across the social media in recent days, buffeted but not sunk. We will not let our sorrow for the losses of life overcome us. We will not lose sight of all the good that we are working together to do.

We will not change our course or cancel our plans, including our plans to come together in Paris later this month for the U.N. Climate conference. And President Obama told me today how much he looks forward to being here and being part of that important moment.

Ultimately, we will defeat Daesh. And all who share their despicable ideology and we are on the course to do so. We will continue also to show compassion to those who seek refuge from violence.”

Daesh, ISIL, ISIS, IS is merely an aside. He called them “pathological monsters” but ignored the fact that they are radical Islamists. He doesn’t have a clue.



Listen to the gobbledegook coming from Hillary Clinton during the debate. She will do exactly what Barack Obama has been doing. It would be FOUR MORE YEARS!

4 more years of not calling radical Islam what…

Then there is Bernie who is completely daft. He thinks Paris was attacked because of weather fluctuations.


Then there’s Obamaobama

Charles Krauthammer said this evening that the best thing you can say about Obama is that he’s delusional. Democrat and former CIA Director R. James Woolsey said he’s more of an illusionist.

Woolsey added, frighteningly, that something bad in the US will happen soon. The terrorists are very adept at using social media and technology. The Paris terrorists used encrypted Play Stations to communicate. He said the sanctuary cities are a particularly bad idea in this climate. We are a free society and it’s not hard to cause massive deaths here, he said.

Woolsey said we have “an extremely serious situation” and it’s the worst since “World War II.”

Obama is playing a dangerous game. He still thinks he’s dealing with isolated psychopaths and he’s called them a “network of killers” as if they were organized crime, but these people in Paris are a tentacle of the underlying global jihad. Obama is dealing with Nazis. This is 1933.

We are in so much trouble. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said on O’Reilly today that the only president who caused more damage than him was Jefferson Davis.

Obama wants to keep importing unvetted Muslims, knowing that ISIS has said they will exploit the refugee program and knowing we can’t vet them. He’s been told by the intelligence agencies that we can’t vet them. He doesn’t care.


Newt Gingrich has an interesting take, worth listening to.


  1. Obama, John Kerry and everyone else associated with this recklessly confused administration refuse to say Islamists were responsible for the terrorist attacks in Boston. Now they are refusing to say they are responsible for Paris. They choose to see them as random acts of violence and “violent extremism.”

    All the Democratic presidential candidates are on the same page, intentionally ignorant — no, actually deceitful about the connection to Islamism. The Paris attacks were performed by organized, violent, Jihadi, Islamic terrorists.

    When asked about this bizarre blindness on the part of the president and now seemingly all Democrats, Hillary Clinton chose not to distance herself from the administration’s insanity but to embrace it, even double down on it. She would not utter the name of that religion. We do not want to infuriate millions more Muslims.
    Per– David Limbaugh–“Obama’s Pathological Blindness”

  2. We are surrounded either by pathological narcissists or folks just simply loony as a toon. What an excrement storm Obama and his sycophant enablers have created both here and throughout the world.

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