MADNESS! Keith Ellison Lied, Defended Louis Farrakhan During Debate


During his debate with GOP candidate Doug Wardlow, far-left Democrat Keith Ellison, defended his ties to hatemonger Louis Farrakhan, claiming Farrakhan had “some things to offer” in the early 1990s.

The Attorney General hopeful can’t completely reject Farrakhan. For those who are too young to know, Farrakhan was very dangerous in the 1990s.

Farrakhan made headlines in 1984 for calling Judaism a “gutter religion” and Hitler “a very great man.” He currently has a video on Twitter comparing Jews to termites.

Michael Ahrens listed a few more of Farrakhan’s bits of wisdom, from the 1990s:

Farrakhan told women in 1993, “You’re a failure if you can’t keep a man.”

In 1994, Farrakhan said: “Murder and lying comes easy for white people.” All this came BEFORE Ellison praised him as “a role model” in 1995, and was photographed selling Farrakhan’s newspaper in 1998.


This is madness when people running for office are defending Louis Farrakhan.

Ellison wants to be the top law enforcement officer in the state and he lies, he’s radical, and there are very “credible” accusations against him of abuse against women. He supports Antifa and open borders.


Rep. Ellison didn’t tell the truth about his ties to Farrakhan as usual. He used to lie and say he had nothing to do with him. Now, after his writings for Farrakhan became public, he says he had few ties with him. In fact, he kept up the relationship even after he entered Congress in 2006.

Ellison in 2006 admitted to The Washington Post that he worked with the Nation of Islam for approximately 18 months ahead of Farrakhan’s October 1995 Million Man March. Then there was the op-ed defending Farrakhan in November 1995, one month after the march, the Daily Caller reported.

Congressman Ellison attended three meetings where Farrakhan was present while he was serving in Congress.

At the end of this clip, Farrakhan says Ellison was a member of The Nation of Islam mosque.

    • He could be supportive of what he likes and against what he dislikes….up to a point. Support of the backward ideological cult that is a”wannabe” religion, that rejects the 2nd of the Two Great Commandments, is not acceptable to God fearing people…or Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Shintos. B’nai Brith, Copts or even atheists and Confucians…