Maduro Warns of War If Opponents Try to Topple the Socialist Government


The Bernie Sanders-like Socialist President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro threatened his people with a war with weapons if his opponents who have protested for the past three months try to overthrow his Socialist government.

“What we do not achieve with votes, we will achieve with guns,” he told a crowd of supporters.

During last year’s election campaign, Bernie Sanders claimed that there was a huge difference between Socialism and Democratic Socialism. The big difference is Democratic Socialists can vote out their leaders. Well, look how’s that working out for Venezuela.

Look what happens when you try to get rid of Socialists

The 54-year old former bus driver encouraged his supporters at a rally in Caracas to vote July 30th for a special super-body called a Constituent Assembly. The new Assembly will rewrite the constitution and supersede the opposition-controlled congress.

Otherwise, he said, there will be a violent war.

The next presidential election is scheduled for late 2018. This move by Maduro is to keep the Socialists in power.

Maduro has destroyed the once-prosperous economy and refers to all opposition as violent coup leaders.

He’s still blaming The United States for his troubles.

Meanwhile, Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López has been held in solitary confinement for 71 days, and has not been allowed to speak to his lawyers for 81 days. The above photo shows him prior to his February 2014 arrest.

Yesterday López’s wife tweeted this,“Leopoldo himself cried out from his cell that he’s being tortured. I demand to see him and know he’s well!”

She has not been allowed to see him.

This could be Bernie ranting in the video below. Once you have Socialists in power, you can’t get rid of them. They will always become violent in the end to remain in power. Bernie would be no different. He said little when his supporters were beating up people wearing Trump hats.

Think Antifa.

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