Maduro’s Forces Are Burning Humanitarian Aid Trucks


Venezuela is building up troops on the border with Colombia and expelling the diplomats after Nicolas Maduro cut off relations with Colombia.

There was a standoff on the border as Colombians tried to move humanitarian aid into the country to save the starving people, but then the Venezuelan forces blew up the trucks. All four trucks have been destroyed with some aid saved. The forces preventing the trucks from entering were crying.

Four people have died from bullet wounds and 24 people were injured as trucks carrying humanitarian aid attempted to cross into Venezuela.

Maduro is killing his own people. This is how socialism always ends.

Fools in New York City are protesting the President in support of Maduro.


There are death squads roaming the country, many reinforced with Russians and Iranians.

The only way Juan Guaido can assume the presidency is if the military defects This retired colonel is trying to convince them to do that.

A lot of National Guard continue to abandon Maduro.



  1. The countdown is on. If the countries of the world, the ones in NATO and even the UN forces do not get involved soon , there will be a genocide there as Maduro care zero for anything except his power. He needs to be captured immediately and tried for crimes against humanity.

  2. Well the same thing is going to happen right here in the USA if the hard left Liberals who are backing this devil get their way. How people living in a free democracy can think this is the right direction for our country to go is beyond me. They think these liberal running people who promise them everything free are just wonderful. What they don’t seem to grasp is that the government doesn’t have squat in money until they take it away from us.

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