Madwoman Maxine Waters Explodes When Newt Pushes for a Nationwide Ban on Sharia


Sharia law is contrary to our Constitution and it should absolutely be banned across the USA. We just had a second doctor arrested for performing genital mutilation on little girls. That’s only one of the sharia values that are completely unacceptable.

Maxine Waters is infuriated with Newt Gingrich for pushing for a ban across the USA on sharia law.

Listen to her go off:

Maxine is already on the record insisting sharia is compatible with the U.S. Constitution. In 2012, this stupid woman insisted that it was the case. And she equates any anti-sharia law with hate.

Maxine Waters is under the impression that sharia law can be implemented while our U.S. Constitution is in effect. Anyone who disagrees is an Islamophobe and a hater according to her. Democrats like Maxine have been pushing that message for years.

In 2012, the Council of Pakistan Affairs and Islamic Society of Orange County welcomed Maxine Waters to a meeting along with other extremists in Congress like Congresswomen Chu and Sanchez, the California Comptroller et al where she made her comments. They would have been controversial ten years ago but in this PC age, the Constitution is controversial.

Sharia is law and, as such, it can only compete with U.S. law.

At the end of the video below, Maxine quoted Daniel Mach of the ACLU (an organization filled with communists and anti-Christian activists) as saying sharia equals Islam and Muslims and a vote against one is a vote against another. Mach also said that anti-sharia laws are “motivated by anti-Muslim bigotry, plain and simple.”

In other words, don’t offer any dissent or try to keep our rule of law in tact or you are a bigot.

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