Maher Tells SJWs to Cut It Out So Dems Can Take Over the USA


Bill Maher bloviated snidely on his show last night about the Constitution not being on the Democrats’ side, therefore, the electoral college must go.

He did slam social justice warriors for chasing Republicans out of restaurants.

“Conservatives get to run America and we get to ruin their dinner,” Maher mocked. He wants SJWs to stop the “bulls***”” [it shows what they are].  Hopefully, SJWs won’t listen to him.


Maher is expressing the views of most Democrats.

“Trump likes to say, ‘the system’s rigged.’ Yeah, it’s rigged, you’re president,” Maher said. “He leaves out the part that it’s rigged for them. The electoral college helps Republicans. The fact that every state gets two Senators helps Republicans. [Senator] Mike Enzi of Wyoming represents 287,000 people; [Senator] Kamala Harris represents 20 million. Why is Wyoming even a state?”

“The constitution is not on our side,” Maher complained. “Bush the Second and Trump both lost the popular vote. They shouldn’t be picking Supreme Court justices at all. Had the Democrats who actually won the popular vote been in the Oval Office we’d now have a 7-to-2 liberal majority on the Court.”

In the end, Maher wants full control of the United States.


  1. Our Founding Fathers were insightful, brilliant and understood the threats posed by a government run under the principles of “pure” democracy. Bill Maher, criticizing these geniuses, is punching way above his intellectual weight.

    • Give me a break….”…is punching way above his intellectual weight.” He is definitely NOT intellectual and therefore has NO weight.class, nor even class. For the treasonous forces that are bent on destroying the Republic…the Electoral College has to go…you see Bill, the founders well realized the possibility of MOB rule which you and your “ilk” espouse and set up a Constitutional Republic to side step the pitfall of full “democracy”….and idiots like yourself and Hillary Clinton.

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