Mailman’s Son John Kasich Has a Path to Victory With a One State Win, You Won’t Like It



This is rich. The man who won only one state sees a path to victory as the RNC plots to change Rule 40(b), the Romney Rule, which requires the GOP candidate win the majority of delegates in 8 states before the candidate can be considered for the presidential nomination.

It’s going by the wayside, Kasich’s surrogate former Governor Tommy Thompson told Jake Tapper.

TAPPER: “Joining me now John Kasich supporter and former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson and a senior advisor to Donald Trump, Ed Brookover. Thanks to both of you for being here. Governor Thompson, let me start with you. You support John Kasich, but current rule would prevent anyone from being a nominee if that candidate hasn’t won a majority of delegates in eight states or territories, which Kasich obviously has not. How can you and Governor Kasich get around that rule?”

THOMPSON: “Well, first off, that rule was for the last convention. I was chairman of the rules committee in 1996, and we had the opportunity to pass the rules at that time for that convention. There are two individuals from every state that’s going to be representing their candidates at the rules committee when it meets a day before the national convention starts. And I’m fairly confident that this rule is going to go by the wayside. This rule was put in four years ago for governor Romney. It’s going to be changed. Even if it isn’t changed, there’s nothing to say that the rules cannot be changed after the second or third ballot. So I think the rules — I think that’s just a smoke screen for people to try to say we’ve got to make sure it’s just only two candidates. We’ve got three candidates and I think John Kasich is by far the best candidate of the lot.”

TAPPER: “What do you make of that, change the rules?”

BROOKOVER: “Well, Jake, these rules have been in place since 2012, most of them, and every candidate has been running under them. These are the rules we’ve been chasing this nomination under and it seems only fair that these rules we’ve been playing by don’t get changed in the last two-minute drill in the fourth quarter.”

TAPPER: “Governor Thompson.”

THOMPSON: “Well, Ed just said it. The rule was in place in 2012. It was put in for Governor Romney. Governor Romney wanted that rule. That rule has never been in any other conventions. We’ve had ten contested conventions. The first Republican national convention was a contested one. Abraham Lincoln was number three going into the convention in Chicago and won out and became one of the great presidents of the United States of America. And I certainly believe that John Kasich is going to present himself extremely well in Ohio and Republican cannot win without Ohio and no Republican has any chance of beating Hillary Clinton except for sure John Kasich. If you want a winner, go with John Kasich. The rules will be changed. John Kasich is going to be nominated and John Kasich is going to the the nomination.”


The former Wisconsin Governor said John Kasich can win because he’s the least disliked. Of course he can win the election being so minimally disliked and all.




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