Maine Dems Used a Voter Scam to Beat Winner in Congressional Race


When Democrats aren’t harvesting ballots [a crime in 49 states but not California] and letting people vote any way they want and any time they want, they are finding other ways to corrupt the vote. In Maine, they came up with a scheme called rank voting. It’s not exactly voter fraud as they usually are engaged in, it’s a scam ruled unconstitutional according to the Maine Constitution.

The Republican who won in Maine still lost because of a new system Democrats put in place known as rank voting. Voters rank their preference and each is given a value as if they were at the horse races. They add up those points and that person wins even if they have fewer voters.

That is what they did to the last Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin of District 2. He won against Jared Golden on election day. Then the Democratic secretary of state, Matt Dunlap declared Golden the winner.

Even with more votes, Poliquin can’t win.

Rank voting was put in place in 2016 by referendum and helped by the financial support of TEXAS leftist billionaire John Arnold. It is the first time this has been done.

A Maine judge, however, found that the rank voting system violates the Maine Constitution, state offices were selected traditionally.

The constitutionality of the law is being contested in court. Poliquin is asking he be called the winner or there be a runoff. A decision will be issued next week, the judge informed the litigants.

A professor of Political science, James Gimpel, arguing on behalf of Poliquin, said it disenfranchised 8,000 voters because they had no way to know who the final two candidates would be when they cast their ballots.

It’s a scheme to circumvent the Constitution, plain and simple. It is what they do in Banana Republics.

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