Maine Dems Won’t Make Female Genital Mutilation a Crime


Female genital mutilation is on the rise in America and throughout the West. It is a painful and horrific practice. With it, comes a laundry list of health risks. It’s a primitive practice in many cultures in Africa and the Middle East primarily. As they immigrate to the West, they bring the practice with them.

It has come to the attention of Maine lawmakers but the Democrats in the House will not make it a crime.

The lawmakers voted narrowly on Tuesday to create an education and outreach program aimed at stopping “female genital mutilation” in immigrant communities but they won’t give prosecutors tools to stop it, the Press-Herald reported.

The U.N. said that more than 200 million girls have been victims of the practice in 30 different countries. We know it has taken place in the United States. Doctors have been arrested in the States for performing the surgery. CAIR immediately came out in defense of the doctors.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a threat here in the U.S. but Maine Democrats just wouldn’t address it.

Maine legislators will not create a new crime of “female genital mutilation”

Instead, they will institute an education program that is bound to fail. The program will establish “culturally specific services for communities in the state wherein which female genital mutilation of minors might be practiced.”

The bottom line is the Democratic lawmakers don’t believe it’s happening in their African communities.

However, Rep. Heather Sirocki, R-Scarborough, said that since introducing the bill she has heard from numerous people in Maine – including some in the medical field – with personal stories about seeing female genital mutilation.

Some immigrant groups don’t want lawmakers to be culturally insensitive. That is something no one should be listening to.

The reason it came up was because some prosecutors are questioning whether it is “aggravated assault when the parents and the children consent.” Therefore, the Maine Prosecutors Association want it made clear this is a felony crime.

This is a no-brainer, make it a crime. Democrats couldn’t see the need apparently.

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Gyrene 1
Gyrene 1
6 years ago

You DONT NEED” DEMS”….Its already a crime.