Maine gives subsidized housing to ‘asylum seekers’ over poor citizens


Foreigners, alleged asylum seekers, 150 of them from Africa, have jumped ahead of 18,000 Mainers who have been on a waiting list for years for Section 8 housing.

The Maine Governor Janet Mills is so welcoming to the many new immigrants from the Congo and Angola that she is putting them ahead of poor citizens.

They also aren’t legitimate asylum seekers unless you want to allow all poor people in war torn areas to skip all the countries in between them and us to come to the US. Their countries have been a mess for decades.

“Obviously, we’re having a situation here by fate, by circumstance, by the hand of God,” Mills said in a meeting with municipal and state leaders in June. “And there are those who might want to make it political. I don’t see it that way. None of us here sees it as a political issue. It is a humanitarian issue. The broader community of the people of the state of Maine are going to be lending a hand and helping these people who are in such dire need. They call upon us, and we will be there for them.”

What about poor Americans, Janet?

All of these people are coming from radical Islamist regions. That too should be a concern.

These people, sympathetic though they are, fly to Brazil and then travel up to the U. S. There are many other countries in between where they could have sought asylum. Some are flying directly to Maine. This is just wrong.

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