Maine Renames Columbus Day to Leftist Indigenous Peoples’ Day


The Maine state House passed a bill Tuesday that would change the Columbus Day holiday to Indigenous People’s Day, The Hill. The Commies win another one.

The bill, which still faces a vote in the Senate, was approved by the House with an 88-51 vote, according to Maine Public.

While Columbus Day is still a federal holiday, Maine would join a handful of other states that have recently taken up legislation in an effort to rename it in honor of Native Americans.

Fine, but why steal Columbus Day? Obviously, the leftists want to destroy another hero in our founding and replace the Italian with all of Latin America. The Commies say the Latin Americans are the Indigenous People. They also want to bring attention to their view that white Europeans don’t belong here, only indigenous people do.

Anyone who has suffered through Howard Zinn’s American History knows what they are up to.

New Mexico and three other states have already renamed Columbus Day.

Goodbye Columbus! Hello Marxist Indigenous Peoples’ Day

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