Mainstream Media Ignores Revolutionary Communists Behind “Peaceful Protests”



“Peaceful” communist protesters shut down the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday to rally against alleged police brutality. They beat up two police officers in the process.

The media is reporting the events as peaceful protests against police brutality but what they are not saying is the groups are communists.

These communist groups are protesting in more than 28 cities across the nation.

The event was organized by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network. The group is “demanding that “the murder of Black and Brown people by the police MUST STOP”; calling for “justice for all the victims of brutal, murdering police”; asking the court system to“indict, convict and send killer cops to jail” because “the whole damn system is guilty as hell”; and to “stop the repression targeting the protests” by dropping all charges against protesters”, according to Russia Today.

West and Dix

Carl Dix and Cornel West

The network was formed by the Revolutionary Communist Party organizer Carl Dix and Professor Cornel West.

If you go to their website, which I will not link to, you will see all the vile endorsers in addition to  the Revolutionary Communist Party.

The group is an offshoot of the Alliance for Global Justice (ALG) and grew out of a 2011 Statement in which professor Cornel West and Revolutionary Communist Party founder Carl Dix accused police forces nationwide—and especially in New York City—of routinely subjecting blacks and Latinos, merely because of the color of their skin, to violations of their Constitutional protections against “unreasonable search and seizure.”

The ALG is funded in part by George Soros’s Open Society Institute and the Tides Foundation.

“On April 14, we’re going to revive the spirit of Ferguson, that spirit of refusing to suffer the brutality of the system in silence. And we’re going to TAKE IT HIGHER. We have to get back out into the streets to declare that we’re not backing down, we’re not going away,” Carl Dix told Black Star News.

The Revolutionary Communist Party (rev com) advertised their “peaceful” protest, calling it #A14

revcom site

Some in mainstream media – CBS, ABC, AP – have reported that it was organized by the National Actions to Stop Murder By Police but they are only one of the far-left groups involved. HipHopWired said they were part of Stop Mass Incarceration Network #Shutdown A14.

None of the mainstream media outlets are mentioning the fact that it is tied to communists. It’s just another protest against those allegedly awful police.

Notice the the commie fists ant RevCom shirt in the next two photos.




More revcom signs from the website.

revcom! revcom2

This one is from an October protest.


Check out the light-haired man in the photo below. He was an Occupy Wall Street protester with whom I spoke at the time. I was afraid of him.


It’s unbelievable what the police have to put up with under this mayor.

The goal is communism and to do it, they need to start a revolution, overturning our justice system, disrupting police, ending capitalism and creating anarchy.

The police officers they beat up will be okay. The protesters blamed the officers for their own beatings of course.

One of those injured was an off-duty officer who got out of his car when it was blocked by protesters. According to NY Mag, after a brief verbal altercation, the officer was punched in the face. The other officer was hit with a bottle in Crown Heights.

ABC News 7 reported that 42 “peaceful” protesters have been arrested.

Twitter news follows.




It’s not over, they and their friends are marching again today.



Another communist group, Democracy Now, along with Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and BlacklivesMatter are keeping it going. Democracy Now! receives indirect funding from George Soros, and direct funding from the Ford Foundation, the Glaser Foundation, Soros’ Open Society Institute, the Public Welfare Foundation, the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy, the Tides Foundation, and other left-leaning foundations.



They want to do in businesses and McDonalds is high on their list. McDonald’s an all-American testament to the success of Capitalism.



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