Mainstream Media Is Dead, Investigative Journalism Is a Thing of the Past



Sharyl Attkisson, investigative reporter

Sharyl Attkisson, appearing on Howard Kurtz’ show, said that in the last couple years, there is much less interest in original, investigative reporting. CBS, in her recent experience, doesn’t seem to want to ruffle feathers of politicians, corporate interests, et al.

She said it was easy for her to leave CBS because they didn’t leave her much to do. Other reporters feel the same way about the reporting at CBS and other networks, Attkisson said.

The powers that be never say they won’t run the stories, they let the story die. It’s a death by a thousand cuts.

The press, she said, is very shy about challenging this administration as if they are making some kind of political statement instead of doing their job.

That should come as no surprise to anyone. Journalism is dead, sacrificed to the cause of statism and not ruffling any feathers.




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