Major Levee Breached in Brazoria County, Residents Told ‘Get Out Now’


The levee at Columbia Lakes, south of Houston, has been breached, The Houston Chronicle reported Tuesday. Brazoria County officials are telling residents to “get out now.” Flooding is imminent.

Several Houston-area reservoirs, heavy rains from Tropical Storm Harvey, are beginning to overflow, CNBC reported.

Authorities are trying to alleviate pressure on two of the dams by releasing water into the city’s already swollen drainage system. Six neighborhoods are currently being monitored and officials are encouraging residents to evacuate.

They are expecting 15 more inches of rain.

An evacuation was ordered late last night.

“That area is under mandatory evacuation,” said Sharon Trower, spokeswoman for Brazoria County. “We have some residents there who didn’t want to leave. We have first responders there getting them out now.”

President Trump is in Houston Tuesday and has been on top of the crisis.

On a very sad note, veteran Houston police officer drowned in his patrol car, The Houston Chronicle reported Tuesday. The officer, who had been on the force for the past 30 years, was driving to work in downtown Houston on Sunday morning when high flood waters trapped his car. Search and rescue teams are currently working to recover his body.

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