Major Media Organizations Have Been Ordered to Destroy Trump


Do not believe a word these people in the media say.

On Monday, Bill O’Reilly told Bill Hemmer Fox News’s America’s Newsroom that at least three media organizations – conglomerates – have notified their staff that no one is allowed to support Donald Trump. They have been given orders to basically destroy Donald Trump.

Bill isn’t one to make a daring statement like that unless he knows.

If you were to guess which three conglomerates would you choose? Personally, I would pick NBC, CNN and I’m not sure of the third but I think it might be ABC.

The media is too in bed with the far-left, the White House and Hillary Clinton, sometimes literally. The media people bounce back-and-forth between White House and Team Clinton jobs in a most incestuous way.

Podesta is a prime example. He’s running the looney far-left Center for American Progress, telling Obama how to run an Imperial presidency one minute and the next he’s an official White House advisor, and now he’s Hillary’s campaign director.

Here are a few of the obvious examples of conflicting interests in the media:

  • ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Adviser.
  • CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.
  • ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Obama Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney.
  • ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary.
  • ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood.
  • CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

Think about what is at stake while the media attacks Donald Trump with everything they’ve got including what appears to be phony stories of sexual abuse. It worked with Herman Cain so they thought they would do it again.

Trump hasn’t done anything to this country at this point except hire some really terrific people to advise him. I respect and appreciate him for being willing to run for the office and take this abuse.

Do Americans want better candidates? Then stop listening to the media nonsense. Look what they did to Mitt Romney who had an impeccable reputation. They attacked him for cutting someone’s hair when he was 17; for putting his dog on the roof of the car which many people did then; then they tried to say he killed a woman with cancer; and they successfully sentenced him to failure for being successful when people should be happy for those people who do well in life.

Only Hillary Clinton

  • was caught lying to congress;
  • deleted 33 thousand emails after she knew a subpoena was issued;
  • had her computer wiped clean while pretending she didn’t know what it meant;
  • got a child rapist off and laughed about it;
  • lied to Americans and the Congress about Benghazi;
  • lied about being under sniper fire;
  • lied about lying;
  • has an incredibly long list of scandals;
  • has expressed a desire to put 600 million in our country after she dissolves our sovereignty in favor of a North American Union;
  • admits she lies to the public in her speeches to Wall Street;
  • has been extremely careless about national security;
  • will kill us with taxes and regulations;
  • lied to the parents of Benghazi victims;
  • she wants your vote because she is a woman and makes up stories about a faux war on women;
  • she’s never accomplished a thing – as senator she wrote three bills and simply put her name on 400;
  • she destroyed Libya;
  • she said she’d go to war with Russia;
  • has never created a job except for her TeamClinton drones;
  • she will give us StalinCare and our healthcare system will be unrecognizable;
  • she will make George Soros and John Podesta, two communists, our nation’s leaders;
  • Hillary’s top advisor Huma Abedin is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.





Sen. Cruz gave a succinct answer on why he still endorses Donald Trump: Do you not know what is at stake? Supreme Court, Middle East crisis, limitless undocumented immigration, 2nd Amendment rights, corruption to the highest level. Does this not come into account? I just shake my head that Hillary is in this election, never mind in prison or at least living anonymously in hiding.


  1. I cannot say in my 40 years of being aware of the media’s bias that I have ever seen the media so blatant and evident. The employees of these organizations,CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox et al. can no longer call themselves journalists or news reporters. the are paid propagandists for Hillary Clinton, George Soros and the NWO…. But what I do not understand is why one of the news conglomerates is not trying to win the 50% of the people who do not support HRC…. Isn’t capitalism about finding the niche for a product and creating it???? Fox is not longer credible either, since they skew HiLIARy….scary scary scary…..

  2. even the fox news anchors seem to have forgotten their 7 year rail against mr. obama. my guess is that mr. murdoch
    and mr. davis aren’t keen on their buds in washington losing the keys to the executive loo. the only cable network that
    supports an American constitutional republic this election cycle is oan.
    and a bit of good news on the trail that was ‘not reported’ today on any cable channel; rasmussen has mr. trump over ms. clinton by 2 points in the national.

  3. One of the things that Donald Trump needs to speak a lot more about to get the attention of women who are at least a little bit religious is third term abortion. He needs to have a visual screen showing women in their 7th, 8th and nineth month.
    Then show what a baby at those ages looks like. I don’t think the younger women of this nation have heard enough about
    this because Hillary Clinton sure isn’t talking about it!!!

    • Worse still Joyce, American women MUST be forewarned, since Obama has taken office, there have already been hundreds of THOUSANDS of Muslim immigrants imported into our country. Now, we are looking at hundreds of thousands MORE d/t the Syrian Refugee crisis.

      There is not a single doubt in my mind, these “refugees” and Muslim imports WILL bring Sharia Law to America. In fact, this has already begun. The MSM is diligently working to HIDE the many “honor killings” which have already taken place here. There are young girls, right here in America, who are suffering the horrific Muslim tradition of GENITAL MUTILATION.

      “No Go Zones,” in France and Belgium? Many Americans have been shocked that countries would actually allow this. Well guess what Joyce, there are already such, “no go” zones right here, in America.

      All the oh so fragile women who are in a snit over words spoken long ago had better put their big girl panties on lest THEY or their daughters awaken one day and find themselves living under the barbaric confines of Sharia Law.

      DID YOU KNOW, December, 2015, “House Democrats Attempt to Push Through First Sharia Law in America with HR ” There is actually a group picture of smiling democrats all giving the Muslim hand signal (index finger raised) ?

      There is a sequalae of events which take place when Islam conduct a take over of a country. When they get a large enough group amassed, they first start making demands from the “host” government … one of which is claiming, “Islamophobia.” Our Constitution actually makes it that much easier for Sharia as they claim, “Religious Rights.”

  4. Bill is correct, I watch CNN and MSNBC and its obvious they are in the tank for Hillary and trying to take down Trump and they try to act like their covering both fairly when called out on it, its hilarious to watch and very sad what our media has become!!!!

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