Major Network Altered a Video of the President to Make Him Look Bad


This next story should be national news, but the media isn’t interested in it. If it happened to Barack Obama, it would be spread far and wide.

The desperation of the Trump haters is beyond anything one could expect.

An editor at a local Seattle/Western Washington FOX affiliate Q13 was fired after appearing to have doctored a video of the President’s address to the nation on Tuesday.

The video made it look as if Trump was sticking his tongue out between sentences. Also, the colors in the video look more saturated, and the president’s skin and hair appeared orange.

During the speech, Trump said, “Hopefully, we can rise above partisan politics in order to support national security,” before briefly licking his lips and continuing to speak.

In the video, it looks like he’s sticking out his tongue for some time.

It is unclear whether the employee created the doctored video or just allowed it to go on air.

A side-by-side comparison posted on shows the difference between what aired live on CNN and the clip shown later on Q13.

This editor or someone at the network altered a video of the President. Think about that. It’s insane. People don’t trust the media as it is. They wonder why we call them fake news. Altering videos is too easy with the current technology.

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