Major Trump Hater Denies Claim in Woodward’s Gossip Tome


Bob Woodward’s book of anonymously-sourced gossip, Fear, claims that Trump’s enemy, former CIA director John Brennan, endorsed the dossier. He has denied it.

“The sources that Steele used for his dossier had not been polygraphed, which made their information uncorroborated, and potentially suspect,” Mr. Woodward writes. “But Brennan said the information was in line with their own sources, in which he had great confidence.”

A spokesman for Mr. Brennan denied it, The Washington Times reported. He said he never approved of the dossier. In fact, the source said, he worked to make sure it wasn’t included in the intelligence community assessment of Russian election interference.

“Because it wasn’t corroborated intel,” the spokesman told The Washington Times. The spokesman said other senior officials wanted to include the document which would have been a mistake.

That’s a twisting of the truth if he did indeed say Brennan “endorsed” the dossier. He liked it and suspected it was true based on zero evidence. That’s not an endorsement.

Woodward mostly ignored the dossier according to The Washington Times. Yet, this appears to have been the basis for the warrant to spy on Carter Page.

The dossier is the Democrat Party’s whole reason for being.

The dossier has not been verified and much of it has been disproven. Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, was accused of going to Prague, and that was not true. Steele’s dossier claimed Paul Manafort, Trump’s short-term campaign manager, and Carter Page allegedly colluded with Russians together but there is no evidence they even knew each other. There is no evidence to date to support Steele’s biggest claim that Trump’s campaign colluded with the Kremlin.


In fact, all the collusion has been between Christopher Steele and the Kremlin. Steele is a foreign ex-spy paid by the Clinton campaign and the DNC via Fusion GPS. Fusion hired a top FBI official’s — Bruce Ohr’s — wife Nellie who is a Russia expert and known as a Stalin sympathizer.

After Brennan left the CIA, he gave any tidbit of intelligence about Trump campaign officials’ contact with Russians to lying Jim Comey. Still, they have found nothing. He basically admits to spying on the Trump campaign because he was suspicious with no evidence whatsoever.

Brennan, as a paid analyst on the anti-Trump channel MSNBC, has suggested Mr. Trump is being blackmailed by Mr. Putin. He offered no evidence.

The entire Mueller probe is a fishing expedition.

Isn’t it odd that in a hit piece on the President, Woodward included almost nothing about the dossier and what he did include has been denied by Trump’s mortal foe, commie John Brennan?


Bob Woodward and his Trump-hating buddy Carl Bernstein used an anonymous source — Deep Throat — to take down Republican President Richard Nixon. The two have been living off that notoriety ever since. He likely has sources. We are guessing never Trumper Bob Corker or people like him are the sources. One of them is probably an author of the anonymous NYT article which essentially iterated Woodward’s claims.

Can’t wait to read Bob Woodward’s book on Obama’s Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS TeaParty abuse, billions in cash and gold to Iran, Obama’s ties to communism, and so on. Oh, wait, the Progressive hack didn’t write those books.

Woodward has a history of making up stuff to sell books — read more, click the link.

The man who killed Osama bin Laden, Robert O’Neill said he was mentioned in the book and what Woodward wrote is not true.

Chief of Staff John Kelly, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and attorney John Dowd have all denied the claims Woodward makes in his book.

Gary Cohn denied the characterization of his time in the White House to Axios.

Woodward didn’t even reach out to people cited in the book, which is not journalism and he knows it.

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5 years ago

Woodward will likely earn between 5-10 millions from his book. It will likely be his last since he is officially long of tooth. What does he care about all the controversy if he can substantially increase his net worth in this his last hurrah.