Make Britain Great Again Carry the Union Jack, Chant for Trump


A group called the Football Lads Alliance marched recently against terrorism in Britain and about 5,000 – 6,000 showed up. Another group, The Peoples’ Charter Foundation, who supported them and marched with them, claimed 30,000 attended but the media did not confirm.

The Peoples’ Charter Foundation plan to march in April against child abuse in Telford. Radicals are turning children into sexual victims and that is what they will protest.

They hope to Make Britain Great Again. Look at them carrying the Union Jack in the video!

The Peoples’ Charter Foundation has new red caps that say — Make Britain Great Again. In the last march, the Brits loudly chanted “We Want Trump” and “Make Britain Great Again”, as Luke Nash-Jones called out the Labour party for letting down the working man.

He lambasted the so-called “Stand Up to Racism” counter-protestors as “idiots” who often have a keynote speaker who praised Jihadi John.

They say they are marching for Trump but they can’t have him — he’s ours!

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