Making America Dreary Again! Dems Will Investigate 85 WH People


Democrats are eyeing 85 people related to the Trump White House for investigations and subpoenas now that they will have control of the House, according to Axios. One Democratic source told Axios they are preparing a “subpoena cannon” for January.

Adam Shifty Schiff

Axios, citing its own reporting and public statements made by Democrats, reported on Monday that the party will investigate topics ranging from President Trump’s tax returns to his family separation policy to White House security clearances.

Nothing like rehashing the same old garbage again and again.

Axios said we won’t see them all at once. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), likely the next chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told the news outlet that each committee will pick them off one-by-one.

Some of the items on the list include:
  • The findings so far of the Mueller investigation, which some House Democrats believe had been obstructed by prior House Intel leaders. (Washington Post)
  • Trump’s use of pardon power. (Washington Post)
  • The sudden change in plans to construct a new FBI headquarters. (ABC)
  • Trump’s involvement in hush payments to women alleging affairs. (WSJ)
  • The firing of Jeff Sessions and the appointment of Matt Whitaker as acting Attorney General. (ABC)
  • The White House’s alleged stifling of the FBI investigation into sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. (ABC)
  • The Interior Department’s decision to expand mining and drilling on federal lands and what role industry played. (USA Today)
  • Allegations that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke threatened Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) with negative energy and public land policies after she voted against repealing Obamacare. (Politico)
  • Zinke’s exempting of Florida from offshore drilling as a possible political favor to Gov. Rick Scott. (Politico)
  • Zinke’s removal of references to humans’ role in climate change from agency reports. (Politico)
  • Violations of the Hatch Act stemming from Zinke’s appearance at a fundraiser while on an official trip. (Politico)
  • The EPA’s siding with special interests on matters of public health. (The Hill)

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