Making the Case to Vote for Donald Trump


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There is a powerful case to be made for Donald Trump. Don’t rule him out if he becomes the nominee. People have to vote their conscience and go with their gut but please keep in mind how dire our situation is and what the alternative is.

The number one reason is he is not Hillary Clinton.

The next reason is the Supreme Court of the United States. If we don’t control the Scalia replacement, we will get a candidate who will take away our Bill of Rights one by one. These people on the left are now totalitarians who have no interest in compromise or accepting dissent.

Trump is not a socialist or a communist. Hillary is a third term of Obama. Does anyone really believe this country survives another Obama term with Obama living in DC to guide his minion Hillary? Obama has promised he will not go away.

If it wasn’t for Trump, the major problems facing this country, including massive illegal immigration and unreasonable trade, would not have been discussed.

People across every demographic, religion, ethnicity are going for Trump. He’s broadening the Republican base which is sorely needed. Have you looked at how few states are still red?

He has to finally build the wall, though he now talks about a 1,000 mile wall, and he will likely reinstitute our legal immigration laws. Trump will care that terrorists and drug cartels are crossing our borders unimpeded.

He will make deals with Democrats but they will be deals not surrenders.

Trump is beholden to no lobbyists or RINOs or Democrats or anyone.

Trump speaks to conservatives on borders, the military, the police, life, and respect for the First and Second Amendments.

He can beat the press at their deceitful, biased game.

Trump is getting advice from some very well-informed people including Senator Sessions, Rudy Guiliani, General Odierno and many others. He has a history of hiring competent, intelligent people. Trump himself is very intelligent.

He knows how to fire incompetents.

Trump connects to people. Despite his wealth, he respects the common man who labors without complaint and is ignored by both parties.

He will do something and he won’t sit idly by with his hands up waiting for the next election like our Congress.

Then there is the Buckley Rule. You go for the most conservative candidate who can win.

Lastly, he’s not Hillary Clinton.



  1. The one thing I feel confident about Trump is he will appoint advisers and leaders that have legitimate qualifications in their respective areas.

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