Malik Mohammad Ali Murdered Two Cops, Was a Member of a Black Extremist Group


The two police officers who were murdered in an ambush Friday night were wearing body armor underneath their uniforms and were on proactive patrol in an area historically plagued by crime. It didn’t protect them from the man who ambushed them and who hated whites and cops.

Officer Howard, a 10-year veteran of the force, is on the left, and Officer Baxter is a 3-year veteran.

Everett Glenn Miller, Malik Mohammad Ali, 45, was arrested and charged with first degree murder in the killing of Officers Sam Howard, a father of four, and Matthew Baxter married, age 27.

Malik Mohammad Ali

The Florida man is a self-professed member of a black extremist group, Black Sovereign, a black supremacy group – according to him. He appears to have been upset by last week’s events in Charlottesville, Va. according to his Facebook pages.

A Facebook page believed to be Miller’s is filled with posts expressing anger over racism, slavery and the KKK. In one post, he shared a meme encouraging people to “shoot back” with a photo of Martin Luther King Jr.

His posts go under the name Malik Mohammad Ali  and his social media posts showed Miller threatening law enforcement, but the police never received a call on that.

Miller, aka Malik Mohammad Ali on Facebook, allegedly ambushed and shot the officers as they were responding to a disturbance call.

A man who served in the Marines with Ali, and who spoke to him in recent weeks, a Darren Hightower, a retired Army soldier and former Marine from Georgia, looked at the recent booking photo and an old mugshot of Everett Glenn Miller and told Heavy they are the same man as Ali, whose Facebook page is filled with anger and hate.

Hightower expressed great shock to Heavy that the man he knew could have ended up this way, calling him a “a true motivator, happy go lucky guy, willing to go that extra mile to help his friends. I don’t understand it.”

Sure. He also had mental issues. No such exceptions were made in the case of the Neo-Nazi nor should they have been.

The page shared a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. earlier in the day on August 18 with writing on it that said, “When I said march I didn’t mean forever muthaf*ckas. Shoot back!” Ali wrote with the photo, “When them (N word racial slur) wake up. Its (sic) going to be some hell to answer for. You only can poke a tie up dog for so long. Once that chain breaks its over. Wake up America before its too late.”

Another post said “racist as* America. America is evil.”

Only hours before the shooting, the page shared a post about white supremacists infiltrating police departments. There were also derogatory posts about Donald Trump and posts about the Confederate monument issue and Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia.

On August 15, the page shared a video of the Charlottesville clashes, writing, “Confederate Nazis…i will hurt you all. You are the enemy. You can run but you cant hide.”

The Kissimmee police chief said in a news conference that he believed the officers walked into an “ambush,” saying they were caught so by surprise that they never got a round off in self-defense. Miller has past addresses in Tampa, Riverview and Dover,” according to WTSP.

Police said Baxter, 27, and Howard, who came later as backup, “came to Palmway and Cypress streets, an area known for drug activity, and encountered three people, one of them being Miller,” WFTV reported.

Both officers were shot and killed by Miller. He was caught later in a bar where he attempted to draw on cops again. There are three other suspects but he is the only one charged at this time.

More of his hate.

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