Man Banned from Disney for Holding Up ‘Trump 2020’ Sign on Rides


A man was banned after holding up a ‘Trump 2020’ sign on rides. He’s done it before. Months ago, he held up a large pro-Trump banner in the park’s Magic Kingdom.

According to a local ABC station, the man, Don Cini, was permanently banned last week from all Disney properties after holding up the ‘Trump 2020’ sign on Splash Mountain. He also held up a “Keep America Great” sign at the park’s Expedition Everest.

Cini lost his pass that he had for 20 years.

“They never mentioned the fact that there was some kind of safety issue on the ride. That I was holding up a sign and I shouldn’t be doing that,” Cini told the news station.

Cini claims the park, which prohibits “the usage of any flag, banner or sign to incite a crowd,” contacted him several weeks ago to tell him he was no longer banned as long as he agreed to stop installing the flags, which he did.

In the end, he got a trespass warning from the park.

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