Man chokes K-9, aims gun at officer, officer shoots man, family yells race


An African-American family is very upset that race wasn’t considered in a justified shooting of a black man who aimed his .40 calibre gun at a police officer. We kid you not.

On Nov. 22, the Incident Review Board determined that the five Madison Alabama officers “acted according to department policies and procedures” during a fatal encounter in a Planet Fitness parking lot, WAAY reported.

“The evidence, in this case, is crystal clear,” the district attorney said. “The actions of Madison Police Department were entirely justified.”

They have surveillance footage and a bodycam video.

The suspect, later identified as 39-year-old Dana Sherrod Fletcher, was taking video and photos of people in stores, asking weird questions and police were called.

One officer caught up with him outside a van with the man’s wife and child were inside.


“Immediately, Mr. Fletcher becomes aggressive towards this officer,” and attempted to shut the van door on him, according to the prosecutor.

“The officer continues to speak with Mr. Fletcher, but things go south pretty quickly,” Gann continued.

The officer called for backup.

Thirteen times Fletcher told the officer to shoot him between the eyes if he was smart.

A minute later, the suspect reached over and grabbed a gun.

“It’s over for you,” he told the officer, according to Gann.

“When he touches the weapon, the Madison officer pulls his service weapon and instructs Mr. Fletcher to take his hands off the gun,” the prosecutor said.

Although Fletcher initially complied, he immediately became belligerent again and ordered the officer to shoot him.

At one point, the officer asked the suspect if he was suicidal.

“Are you homicidal?” Fletcher responded, according to Gann.

The officer tried to de-escalate to no avail.

He Tried to Choke the Dog

The wife wouldn’t get out with the child. Fletcher, who was now in the car, wouldn’t get out, and when the K9 arrived, he tried to choke the dog.

An officer struck him in the back with a taser and Fletcher got out with his gun drawn. The K9 grabbed Fletcher’s ankle and the handler fell. Fletcher aimed his gun at the officer’s — handler’s — chest and head.

The K-9 officer was able to get his gun out and fired four rounds.

That was the end of Fletcher, but not his family.


“It is in everyone’s interest for the facts to be determined by a process that is fair and free from bias or influence,” the family said in a letter to Alabama State Attorney General Steve Marshall. “Consequently, we request that you, as the top law enforcement official in the State, conduct a review of the case to preserve the semblance of fairness in the legal system in Alabama.”

The family also alleged that Fletcher’s race may have played a role in the officers’ decision to use deadly force against him.

Based on WHAT???

Fletcher did order the officer to shoot him. Soon, they will demand no officer shoot until an officer is shot. CPS should look at this family who’s raising a child.




  2. All this for a peculiar individual asking strangers questions and taking pictures……a Classic example of lack of cooperation with Law Officials…..Lesson: Cooperate with the Law and go home in peace…..Not Rest in Peace !!!!!

  3. Any death in such a manner is never acceptable. Trying to justify foolishness shouldn’t be either.! Presenting “the race” card is conciously stirring the pot in this country when the biggest issue is a “heart” problem.

    • You’re an idiot. What would you do if some lunatic pointed a gun at your head? Sing a happy song? What about this moron’s kids? He clearly had no regard for them or his wife by pulling a weapon out. He was told numerous times to drop it & he didn’t. For those who feel it’s race motivated, put yourself in the officers shoes. What would you do? Regardless of color. Do you really think he shot that guy cause he was African American? Or because a gun was pointed at him. Body cams are the best at showing that these officers are protecting us from people like that dumbass.

  4. Well of course the family is going to sue, they lost their only income maker……BWAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Sorry can’t finish my thought…..

  5. It’s unfortunate that there are those wanting to infuse race into just about everything whether it’s related or not. It doesn’t help relations.
    In my entire life, I’ve worked with people from most every country on earth, every ethnicity and never once had a problem on that level. Race relations really isn’t as bad as the left-media portrays it, but they sure are quick to blow it out of proportion any chance they get to make it seem otherwise.

  6. “Soon, they will demand no officer shoot until an officer is shot.”

    I wouldn’t worry about that too much. DJT’s president, not Obama.

  7. The end result ended up in a justified shooting but the cops should never have been called in the first place. He was not committing a crime. I think it’s time everyone has to have some accountability including the one who decided to call lethal force on a guy taking video in public.

  8. Any person with common sense knows a k:9 is an officer so he assaulted an officer. If an officer hesitates when some dumbass is pointing a gun at him he might be the one killed. I’m sure the officers weren’t thinking they can’t stop him because of his color. Where is Al Sharpton to open his big mouth. Come on Al start some more dissension and make it a race thing

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