Man handcuffed for eating a sandwich in nanny Cali


KGO-TV in the Bay Area reported last month that 31-year-old Steve Foster was handcuffed and detained Monday at a train station at the Pleasant Hill station in Walnut Creek, California, for…wait for it..eating.

Apparently, it’s illegal to eat at the open-air station in nanny California. Mind you, this is the place with a poop map that allows vagrants to poop in the streets, in stores, wherever they please.

An officer identified as D. McCormick actually handcuffed Mr. Foster for eating a sandwich. There weren’t any signs posted indicating he could not eat on the platform.

Then the officer claimed he was resisting arrests when Mr. Foster told Officer McCormick to let go of his backpack.

“You singled me out, out of all these people,” the disbelieving Mr. Foster said to McCormick.

“You’re eating. It’s against the law,” the officer replied.

”So what?” Foster responded.

KPIX reported Officer McCormick went to the platform to look for a woman who was reportedly drunk when he noticed Foster eating on the platform.

California’s law punishes people for eating on train platforms with a $250 fine or 48 hours of community service, according to the Washington Examiner.

Why don’t they get after the drug addicts leaving needles on the trains or the vagrants pooping?

The nanny officer in the nanny Bay area held Foster while another handcuffed him as his girlfriend, Nicole Hernandez videotaped the entire mess.

“It’s a violation of California law. I have the right to detain you,” McCormick said, “You’re going to jail.”

“For eating a f—ing sandwich?” Foster replied.

“It would have been simpler if he would have come up to me and said hey, you can’t eat on BART nor on the platform. I should have been informed because I didn’t know I couldn’t eat on the platform,” Foster told KGO.

A statement from BART, however, says the officer did warn him, which Foster denies.

Think about it. They are making a criminal out of a man for eating a sandwich when he didn’t know it was against the law while they allow pooping and stealing in the nanny state.

If you want to live like this, keep voting for Democrats.

The video by Ms. Hernandez:


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