Man pulls a gun on shopper in MAGA hat! “It’s a good day for you to die!”

James Phillips

Trump Derangement Syndrome is going to kill someone but the media and the Democrats continue to spread the hate. An incident at Sam’s Club is a case in point.

A Tennessee man named James Phillips was arrested after admitting that he pulled a gun on a couple after getting triggered by their MAGA hats.

Terry Pierce and his wife

The victim, Terry Pierce, told WBKO that Phillips pointed a gun in his face at Sam’s Club in Kentucky and threatened to kill him. He said, “It’s a good day for you to die.”

Phillips ran off. Pierce followed him outside into the parking lot. Phillips was still there, waiting for his mother who was shopping. A verbal altercation ensued. The perpetrator tried telling me that I assaulted him and I said, ‘I never touched you.’”

According to the police report, James Phillips admitted that he flipped off Terry Pierce and his wife after getting enraged at the sight of their MAGA hats.

He claimed that he pulled the gun because Pierce had tried to physically assault him, but surveillance video shows that Pierce never touched him.

Phillips has a concealed carry permit in his home state of Tennessee. He has been charged with first-degree wanton endangerment, a class D felony.

He’s currently in jail. They need to take his gun away for life.

Mr. Pierce and his wife were interviewed by WBKO on this link.



  1. Leftists have become totally unhinged and outright dangerous. I remember seeing Obama paraphernalia worn during his reign, especially at the beginning. Nothing Trump supporters can compare with what could almost be considered a paramilitary drill we saw on video from one elementary school when young Black males were marching to a chant praising Obama complete with arm signals that reminded us of Nazi Germany. Many of us found that disgusting, I know I did but conservatives never even considered attacking Obama supporters or even confronting them. The anti Obama policies protests by the TEA Party members didn’t even leave trash behind at the Capital when over a million TEA Party protesters attended. But now, just because you might be a registered Republican, Libertarian or other Constitutionalist you are subject to verbal and/or physical attack by those on the tolerant peace loving left.

  2. Mom should’ve made him stay in her basement and traveled to Kentucky by herself. Mom is most likely repeating to herself that she can’t take the dumb ass anywhere or leave him by himself. Yes, mom is caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

  3. As the media continues to use hate speech against Trump supporters the violence continues to increase. How about a nationwide class action suit against the networks who continue to stir up this violence? Hit them where it counts, in their wallets.

  4. Interesting we see all sorts of faux MAGA hat attacks but the reality is that it is the unhinged, the racists, the haters who attack innocent people who do not share their hatred of Trump. I love it when the Left embraces without proof or even the faintest hint of evidence that such attacks are fantasies connected by the vilest and most mindless of individuals. It demonstrates that Democrats and the MSM are composed of mindless haters.

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