Man Recites Koran While Killing Jewish Woman – French Prosecutors Drop Murder Charges


A French prosecutor has dropped murder charges against the killer of Jewish kindergarten teacher Sarah Halimi after experts ruled he had suffered a massive psychotic episode because of smoking cannabis.  

Kobili Traore

Ms. Halimi, 65 years old, was killed by Kobili Traore’, on April 4, 2017, after he broke into her Paris apartment.  The Orthodox Jew was beaten and called a “demon”.  Traore spoke Koranic verses as he threw her from her balcony.

In an appeals court hearing, Traore’ admitted killing Ms. Halimi, saying he was not aware of his actions on the night of the murder and did not recognize when he broke in.  Yet somehow he was able to remember these specifics: “I felt persecuted. When I saw the Torah and a chandelier in her home I felt oppressed. I saw her face transforming,” he said.

Witnesses also recall Traore’ shouting “a woman is trying to kill herself!” shortly before he threw her from the balcony.   Ms. Halimi’s lawyers said it proved her killer was already planning his defense.

Traore’s lawyer said there were “no good solutions in the case”.  He added, “This is Sarah Halimi’s tragedy, her family’s tragedy, and this boy’s tragedy, although I’m not comparing the two. Sending him to the hospital is not ideal nor sending him to prison.”  

The killer remains in a psychiatric hospital, receiving limited meds and is “still a threat”.

Francis Szpiner, a Halimi family lawyer, said the case was setting a historic precedent: “You’re saying that people can walk free after carrying out criminal action just because they were allegedly not aware of the effects of drugs or other substances? Will this also apply to drunk drivers who kill children on the road?”

The court will rule on December 19 on whether Traore’ should be put on trial.

We’re wondering if the London Bridge murders by a terrorist on early release will have any effect on the court’s “thinking”.  

Here’s hoping it does, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t.  



  1. This is insanity, letting terrorists off because of liberal imposed victim excuses, Islam means to kill Jews as infidels, when will people learn.

  2. That’s not an excuse. He is a danger to society. He should be required to forfeit his life. I stopped going to France a long, long time ago when they first allowed no go zones to become de facto law. France doesn’t need me and I don’t need them.

    This comment by my roommate was marked as spam. It is not, never having been published anywhere before. He is being banned by this web site for God only knows what reason. Neither he, nor I will ever click on another I.S. article. Censorship sucks and so does this site.

  3. The world don’t need France if their court systems are that weak. This prosecutor should be disbarred and hung along side that murder scumbags mislem

    • They wouldn’t of even written the news story if she wasn’t Jewish. Would of probably claimed she was racist or something to justify his actions.

  4. Hey it’s France, home of the cheese eating surrender monkeys. They let moslem savages pork their women because their manhood has become lost along with their balls and culture. Pretty sad. The Gauls have become cucks in their own country.

  5. All muslims should be sent to their country of origin. If they refuse, put them on a boat with oars. You can’t be both American and muslim. Their vow violates our Constitution.

  6. Jews are also being targeted by Muslims in New York City and in other major cities in the US, but you won’t hear about it on Network News. And if you do see it on boob-tube news, the newscasters will conveniently omit the fact that it is Muslims doing the killing. They are referred to as Asian or North African gangs in Western Europe, but never as Muslims.

  7. From his facial features we can already tell his IQ is bellow 70. He doesn’t belong here, but he managed to make himself useful for once. Guess we’ll deport him instead of executing as a thanks.

  8. Little has changed since the Dreyfus Affair. She was a Jewess in France – that was her unpardonable sin. Certainly worthy of death.

  9. AA Typically liberal take on this situation. Regardless of what this dude was on, he murdered an innocent soul and his life should be forfeited. Come on, France…. Once upon a time, your country had balls and common sense. Now you are nothing but a liberal craphole.

  10. Reason number one: release and give excuse to behavior so that the invading Muslims have no excuse to riot yet allow the killing continue. Europe is doomed do not allow this to happen in America. Make a stand people for our nation, no foreign law aka sharia law be allowed to operate in the USA.

  11. Total miscarriage of justice! He threw her off a balcony because he was deranged from pot or whatever! Sorry that is not a good excuse for murder.

  12. Let me get this straight. This man did it illegal drugs and went out and murdered somebody…and it’s okay?
    The world has become so insane that it’s inside out and backwards.
    May God please protect all of us from the insane/psychotic individuals who murder and those who protect murderers.

  13. That is not how it works! He had a break with reality and it was NOT due to smoking weed folks! He clearly planned this and knew he was doing wrong. Why esle would he yell out she was trying to kill herself? POS should fry

  14. cannabis CANNOT create psychotic episodes.
    these faggets pretend to know the effects of cannabis while never having taking it themselves ever
    talking out their asses

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