Man Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Stabs Officer in the Neck in Michigan


A police officer was stabbed in the neck on Wednesday at a Michigan airport by a Canadian-born suspect who yelled “Allahu Akbar” in a possible act of terrorism, the NY Daily News reported.

The officer was identified Lt. Jeff Neville. He is in stable but critical condition after surgery. Some reports say he was stabbed multiple times.

We will have to ban guns and let many more poorly-vetted Muslims into the country. That is what the left wants, isn’t it?

A witness told the Flint Journal he was dropping off his daughter at Bishop International Airport when he saw the injured officer.

“The cop was on his hands and knees bleeding from his neck,” Ken Brown told the newspaper. “I said they need to get him a towel.”

Brown said he saw a man detained by police and a knife on the ground at the Flint airport.

The FBI is investigating.

Officer Neville is “probably one of the nicest individuals you’d ever meet,” Genesee County Commissioner Mark Young told NBC News. “He’s always quick to help and try to help people who have problems. I literally don’t know anyone more like that then him.”


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