Man Sentenced to Six Months in Jail for Building a Wind Turbine on His Property



If you live off the grid and put a wind turbine on your property, you could end up in jail just like jay Nygard.

They are the Borg and you will be assimilated.

The Federal government has been stepping all over individual property rights and those who live off the land for decades.

Mr. Nygard
Mr. Nygard

Mr. Nygard fought a long protracted court case to keep a wind turbine on his property in Orono Minnesota that extended 29 feet in the air.  The tall turbine and three smaller ones sustained his family.

In the end he lost his case when on June 11, a Hennepin County judge ordered him to remove the turbine. He removed everything except the underground concrete slab because it was difficult to excavate. The foundation was 95 years old and he didn’t want to cause more damage by removing it.

He was held in contempt and sentenced to six months in jail. While in jail, he had the slab removed and was out of jail three days later after spending five days in prison which he found to be a very emotional experience.

The battle isn’t over because he still has three other turbines the city and some neighbors don’t like.

The local government and a few busybody neighbors were the source of the problem.

Jay Nygard actually owns a company called Go Green Energy, which sells wind turbines in other areas of Minnesota, but he isn’t able to do so in Orono where he lives because of permit and licensing laws. These are the same laws that are preventing Nygard from building on his own property.

The busybodies want to dictate what Mr. Nygard can do on his own property because they don’t like the way it looks. Property rights are being tossed aside if a politician or a neighbor finds fault.

The freethoughtproject had a similar case of a 9-year-old boy in the suburbs of Kansas City who opened up a free library in his front yard, for anyone in his neighborhood to use, and it got shut down by the government and by neighbors who could not mind their own business.

As the climate change mandates grow so will the infringements and the power of the busybodies and overreaching politicians.

The government tells us they want alternative energy but not if you do it yourself apparently. When did we lose our property rights to the nosy people who want to tell us how to live?

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