Man Who Brutally Beat an Elderly Homeless Woman Has Been Arrested


The New York Police Department has made an arrest in the beating of an elderly woman on the subway. It was captured on video, officials announced on Saturday.

“The victim was treated & released from the hospital & is getting the care, advocacy & support needed,” Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea tweeted Saturday. “Thank you to the worldwide community for the tremendous assistance.”

The suspect has been identified as 36-year-old Marc Gomez of Yonkers, according to CBS New York.

CBS WINS reported this morning that he said the woman threatened his wife and child with what he thought was a knife — it was a shiny object.

That is according to him and it in no way justifies him kicking this elderly woman repeatedly while she was seated, but who knows what other information is out there. He is innocent until proven guilty.

It was a terrible thing to do in front of his child. The Yonkers resident is over six feet and 180 pounds.

Marc Gomez

The homeless woman he beat has a history of abusing neighborhood people with knives, according to WINS NY.

Upon exiting the train, the suspect turned to the camera and said, “World Star that, my n****a.” That is a reference to the viral video side that regularly shows clips of people fighting in public.

As he says that, the victim can be seen holding her head in the background.

The New York Daily News reports that the woman got off the train at the next station after paramedics were called. The woman suffered cuts and swelling on her head.


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