Man Who Faked Being Black To Get Into Med School Hopes Trump Ends Affirmative Action


Mindy Kaling’s brother Chokal-Ingam who faked being a black person to get into medical school hopes President Trump will end Affirmative Action.

The author of “Almost Black” revealed in April 2015 he pretended to be African-American in order to get into medical school.

He stated on Saturday, “I believe he (Trump) will end affirmative action like Lincoln did slavery.”

The Indian-American hopes Trump will end the policies by withholding federal funding.

He outlined how he pretended to be African-American: “I shaved my head. I trimmed my eyelashes and I decided to join the organization of black students so I could apply to medical school as a black man.”

Affirmative Action is an absurd form of bigotry that doesn’t go for the best, but rather people who have been labeled ‘victims’. White nut jobs came up with the idea and they are keeping whites and Chinese down as they promote the undeserving.

Every minority who was any good at something will always wonder if they really were, or if they were just pushed ahead of better people because of their skin color. Others will wonder the same.

It’s very unkind to those who are better qualified but aren’t an “approved race”.

Frederick Douglass has the answer to the question of Affirmative Action:

Everybody has asked the question. . .’What shall we do with the Negro?’ I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are wormeaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! I am not for tying or fastening them on the tree in any way, except by nature’s plan, and if they will not stay there, let them fall. And if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone!

To the left, to the universities, leave people alone. You make things worse.


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