Man Who Sent Manure to Treasury Secretary Reveals Himself


The man who left an envelope with manure on Secretary Mnuchin’s door took credit on Facebook. His name is Robby Strong and he is, of all things, a psychologist, unsurprisingly based in the People’s Republic of Los(t) Angeles. He works at the Department of Mental Health. God help his patients.

The envelope was addressed to “Stevie,” according to a photo of the card.

It reportedly went to the wrong house!

The message read:

“Mrs. Mnuchin & Trump, We’re returning the ‘gift’ of the Christmas tax bill. It’s bulls–t. Warmest wishes, the American People,” the note read.

“PS — Kiss Donald for me,” it continued.

That’s the tax bill that gives 80% of Americans a tax cut.

The Mnuchin’s never opened the package and someone reported a suspicious package to police.

This ‘psychologist’ actually went to a field to dig up manure. That’s sick, but not to some on the left who are congratulating him on social media.

Facebook photo

The mainstream media is boasting of his “gutsy” move but seem to forget that it’s disgusting. Imagine if a Trump supporter sent that to Hillary or Bernie or the fake Indian?

When the Secret Service interviewed him, he wrote on Facebook, “Yikes! Luckily I have peace of mind and a clean conscience. I now join my biggest hero’s who also had an FBI file. It’s a right of passage,” Strong wrote.

We can guess at his heroes from his Facebook page, there’s a photo of what looks like him, dressed as Cuban murderer-dictator Ché Guevara. Underneath it says, “This aggression will not stand man.” He also appears to be a fan of socialist Elizabeth Warren’s.

Fox News reported that he called his revolting act, “political theater”. This is how some on the left apparently like to revel in the Christmas spirit.



  1. It just goes to show an education and a degree doesn’t account for “intelligence”. A person would assume that attaining a degree in Psychology would educate you in the type of person who would do such a thing.

  2. Well he just made sure that every competent psychologist has a black eye. They should all lodge complaints and have his license to practice removed! And everyone who has ever been counseled by him needs a referral to someone else!

  3. Free speech is wonderful and while I disagree with his view I think he was within the bounds of his rights. I have no doubt that if this were reversed many on the right would be laughing. Let’s not act like the commies and keep a sense of humor. It’s not like he actually destroyed anything.
    And shoveling manure is no big deal for anyone with farm experience. 😉

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