Manchester Residents Told to Keep Their Dogs Inside So As Not to Offend Muslims



Breitbart is reporting that leaflets have been distributed in Manchester UK telling residents to keep their dogs inside so public areas can be kept pure for Muslims.

While it could be a hoax, many are convinced the flyers were put out by fundamentalist Muslims.

The population of Manchester includes a large number of Muslims, many are fundamentalist.

Put into letterboxes, residents were called on to “have respect for us and our children” by not taking dogs out in public. “This area is home to a large Muslim community,” the leaflet advises, before explaining that dogs are considered impure in Islam…..

It’s a mystery right now but I’d probably buy a dog if I didn’t have one, maybe two, maybe I’d open a kennel, and they would be outside – a lot.

If they cave to this they’re nuts. People who don’t feel dogs are pure enough can stay in their houses and let the dogs go out.



  1. I would be worried they will start poisoning the dogs,leaving out poisoned meat,they need to leave if they can’t live in harmony,I don’t want them in the USA

  2. How about they have respect for their non-Muslim neighbors? Oh, that’s right. Respect is a one-way street.

  3. people are stupid I think the reason the women wear the head gear is their husbands are ashamed of them and they are ugly

    • Yes which is why I added that caveat but the locals say the fundamentalists who live there have been complaining for some time.

  4. Unfortunately, caving in to pressure to appease a rigid ideology because, “Why not, what harm could it be?” will likely happen. Chipping away at cultures that have forgotten the one God, Islam will continue to roll over each and every freedom won by previous generations in the Western world.

  5. Who ever wrote this hoax have never heard the saying “The centre of the Universe is where-so-ever a Manchester Man happens to be at any given time”…. Man and dog that is

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