Manchin Fundraises in Cali, Bills Taxpayers for It


Senator Joe Manchin is not only fundraising in California so he can win in West Virginia, he is using taxpayer funds to go to California to raise the money.

Instead of relying on West Virginians, he wants the leftists in California to decide his election. That’s where his heart lies. Manchin is a phony who shoots holes in a Cap and Trade Bill flyer pinned to a tree, trashes Obamacare, and then votes for every anti-gun, pro-Obamacare bill, and pro-left-wing policy.

The Washington Free Beacon found that he flew to California for a lucrative fundraiser. He billed taxpayers for four flights to the Los Angeles headquarters of the Capital Group, a financial services firm. Then he billed another flight to Pittsburgh to raise funds.

Contribution records sorted by the Washington Free Beacon show the company’s employees contributed $62,100 to Manchin on Aug. 9 and a total of $99,900 to him during the fundraising quarter.

The Manchin campaign made a $1,739.54 disbursement to Michael Downer, a top company executive, for “catering” on Aug. 17. Downer’s listed address on the disbursement is the address for the Capital Group’s Los Angeles offices.

Manchin is not who he appears to be or says he is.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
4 years ago

This election time only, faux conservative phony, never cast a single decisive vote promoting Trump’s agenda. West Virginia should send him packing.