Mandatory Global Warming Instruction In Middle School



The Next Generation Science curricula will be adopted in California this month. It is aligned with Common Core, the new national standards being implemented throughout the country. It is expected that it will be the new national science curricula.

Some on the left are concerned that it’s being released before the public has been properly desensitized, especially with 26 states still considering adoption of Common Core. The curricula mandates global warming instruction with an eye on population control.

The people behind Common Core have decided that the science is decided. Global warming exists as a result of man’s inappropriate interaction with his/her environment and your children will not be taught to question scientific theory, only to accept. More information at NextGenScience

Common Core is a big business with textbook manufacturers and test developers all working hand-in-hand. There is a lot of money to be made from the standards, which require uniformity of learning for all children in all schools in the nation.

The assessments required by Common Core in all subjects are a way around the Constitution which does not allow the nationalization of education. Uniform testing forces everyone to follow national standards.

The SAT’s and ACT’s are run by the same people who are fully involved in the Common Core assessments. David Coleman, the College Board President, wrote the Common Core language arts standards. If students don’t follow Common Core and pass their assessments, they won’t get into college easily.

Parents can opt-out of the assessments but the Commissioner in New York State has told Principals and Superintendents to advise parents that they cannot opt-out. The same will undoubtedly happen in other states. The New York State Board of Attorneys have said that parents cannot opt out but parents are making their voices heard and some school districts are responding. Click here for an opt-out form.

Common Core was a 20-year project by corporatists, it is bipartisan, and it is so well-planned that it is unlikely we will find a loophole other than parents opting out.

The assessments in New York are consuming the teachers’ time. They no longer create lessons and develop young minds as they have in the past. They train automatons and everyone is expected to learn the same material in the same way and to the same degree.


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