Manufacturing “Job Vacancies and Hires Hit the Highest Marks of the Recovery”


As soon as President Trump assumed office, he prioritized manufacturing jobs, launching an initiative with key business CEOs. He had several meeting which included breakout sessions on issues such as tax and trade, regulatory reform, infrastructure and the work force of the future. A number of the participants were repeat attendees.

Last month, he signed a “Buy American, Hire American” executive order to promote U.S. manufacturers.

Washington Examiner reports that manufacturing jobs have begun to accelerate. “Job vacancies and hires hit the highest marks of the recovery” – since April 2006.

Monthly hires were up nearly a quarter since last March.

The ratio of unemployed workers for each job opening, an important metric of labor market health, fell to 1.25, the lowest since January of 2001.

The recession saw six unemployed workers for each job.

The media had predicted that manufacturing jobs cannot come back.

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