Marc Lamont Hill Insults All Whites Because the World Doesn’t Have Enough Race Hustlers



In CNN commentator, Marc Lamont Hill, we have a budding Al Sharpton who is learning how to rile up the masses.

CNN anchor Carol Costello asked Dr. Marc Lamont Hill the following question: Yes. So, Marc, why is it so difficult for some people just to call this guy a terrorist?

HILL: Because, unfortunately, we live in a nation where terrorist has come to mean things done by Muslims or things done by Arabs or things done by brown people. You know, we often only assign the term terrorism to those groups of people. The truth is, we’ve never wanted to name white supremacist as terrorism, whether it’s Timothy McVeigh, although I’m not calling – although that’s a slightly different story, we still didn’t want to call it domestic terrorism. We don’t – we don’t want to call the KKK domestic terrorists. It’s not something that we ever historically wanted to do.

Listen to this garbage yourself.

It’s hard to know what the hay he’s talking about since he makes no sense nor does Communist Van Jones who beat him to to it and took the same tack yesterday. He already tweeted that this crime in South Carolina was all about white privilege and we should call this murderer a terrorist..

Sheriff David Clarke was asked about the Marc Lamont Hill’s comments. He said it was ‘pure hyperbole’, ‘demagoguery’ and ‘someone who wants to keep this animosity going’.


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