Marchers to D.C. Will Demand Trump Be Deposed But There Is A Problem


The hard-left organized a ten-day march to D.C. from Charlottesville. Their message is to demand the removal of President Trump and to fight white supremacy. They marched out of Charlottesville yesterday, all 200 of them, but, alas, it rained. By Tuesday, there were 35 left. They are snowflakes after all!

One must wonder how 35 people will be able to depose President Trump.

Nothing will stop them though. They tweeted: Not rain nor sleet nor snow nor hail will stop us from marching from

They stole the post office motto! They may not have jobs since they have ten days free to march but they can always work for the post office.

via Daily Caller

We added this next tweet today for day three but it doesn’t look like they picked up anyone. In fact, it looks like they lost a few or nine or so. They’ve stopped advertising how many are left. In addition to demanding President Trump be deposed, they want Veronica Fitzhugh released. She was arrest for assault and battery and disorderly conduct. Sounds like a prize!

They are complaining that people are yelling at them but their spirits are up.

Here’s some background information

“The March to Confront White Supremacy” includes partners such as Working Families, Color of Change, Action Group Network, Democracy Spring, Resist Here, A Million Hoodies, Women’s March, AFL-CIO, and others of the fringe and hardcore left.

Once in D.C., they will launch daily “nonviolent” demonstrations.

“This is the time to confront white supremacy in our government and throughout our history. We demand that President Trump to be removed from office for allying himself with this ideology of hate and we demand an agenda that repairs the damage it’s done to our country and its people,” the website for the march reads.

“This will be a sustained civil disobedience campaign, so bring what you need to stay,” they added.


  1. A lie about President Trump that the far left radicals want to hear and believe. Fortunately, it is not based on facts but fabricated to meet the radicals sick narrative.

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