Marco Rubio Drank a Sip of Water – Big Hump Day News


There was major news today on Wednesday, the hump day.  Senator Marco Rubio drank a sip of water.

He did this while he gave a brilliant response to President Obama’s SOTU while he was baking under klieg lights.

I know you’re floored. So was I. I couldn’t believe the Senator would take a drink while under hot lights. Not only that, he had to bend a little to reach for it. I know, I know, it’s deplorable.

The left believes it proves Senator Rubio is inexperienced and unprepared. All that from a sip of water! The lefties are very intelligent to get all this information from his drinking a sip of water while ignoring the brilliant speech.

Of course they could have ignored what amounted to a staff member placing the water in the wrong place but what else would the media talk about? The issues? Perish the thought!

This travesty of speech decorum has, shockingly, happened before:

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There you have it! The big news. You should also know that as a Cuban, Senator Rubio is not really Hispanic. Cubans aren’t real Hispanics according to the media. It came as a shock to me. I thought he was Hispanic. It is probably a shock to him as well.

Apparently, he’s also a tool for the whites, a coconut, and an Uncle Tom [Twitchy]. Who are the bigots again?


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