Marco Rubio Warns of a Government Takeover of the Internet



Marco Rubio is calling for legislation that will keep the Internet free of government involvement, both from the U.S. and other countries.

The Hill quoted Rubio: “Since the web is worldwide — and since it has proven such an effective catalyst for pro-democratic revolution — it has become a battleground that many fight to control,” he said. Rubio pointed to 42 countries that limit the Internet within their borders and “now wish to take this further by exerting control over the way the Internet is governed and regulated internationally.”

Rubio is not only worried about the U.N. He is undoubtedly worried about our government.

Many are concerned that under the banner of ensuring cybersecurity or net neutrality, our government will tax and regulate the Internet into oblivion.

The U.N. is the bigger threat.

In December, 2012, Congress banned a treaty that would put the Internet in the hands of the ITU, the communist-led arm of the U.N.

The U.N. is trying to expand the telecommunications treaty of 1988 to cover the Internet and it would include companies like Facebook and google.

The U.S. statement declared that the consistent and unequivocal goal of the US is “to promote a global Internet free from government control and preserve and advance the successful multi-stakeholder model that governs the Internet today.”

The nations behind the move are mostly corrupt regimes who oppose free speech and hope to grow wealthy off the Internet.

Can you imagine an Internet controlled by China, Russia or Iran?