Maria Bartiromo Confronts Sessions Over His Seeming Ineffectiveness


Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Sunday Morning Futures today that the Justice Department is investigating whether the FBI submitted accurate information about the infamous Steele dossier. The dossier was used to obtain a surveillance warrant against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. That surveillance was used to spy on everyone in communication with Page.

Maria Bartiromo confronted him but you will have to judge for yourself if you feel comforted by his response.

“Let me tell you, every FISA warrant based on facts submitted to that court has to be accurate,” he replied.

He continued: “That will be investigated and looked at, and we are not going to participate as a Department of Justice in providing anything less than a proper disclosure to the court before they issue a FISA warrant. Other than that, I’m not going to talk about the details of it, but I tell you, we’re not going to let that happen.”

That was it, no further information. You just have to trust him.


Republicans contend that the dossier used to obtain the FISA warrant was based on a fraudulent dossier. The dossier was oppositional research funded by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

An article written by Michael Isikoff for Yahoo News was used as confirmation of the dossier but it came from Christopher Steele who authored the dossier. Isikoff did not acknowledge the source and just referred to Steele as a “well-placed Western Intelligence source.”

At least that is how it looks right now.

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