Marie Harf Blows Up ‘Outnumbered’ Panel with Rudeness, Condescension


Fox News’ “Outnumbered” is mostly unwatchable when Marie Harf is on although she was worse today than usual. It became fiery because of her rude and arrogant comments. Usually, ‘Outnumbered’ is calm and non-controversial.

The segment opened with a brief clip of the fiery Oval Office meeting with the President and Chuck and Nancy yesterday.

Obama drone Harf interrupted and talked over former Rep. Jason Chaffetz, and then she lied about the Democrats not wanting to support migrants.


Nancy Pelosi didn’t want to be transparent yesterday and was angry that the negotiating took place in front of the cameras.

Truthfully, Pelosi wants to meet in secret and then lie about what was said.

Marie Harf tried to excuse Pelosi’s lack of transparency. She was very condescending and explained to the panel how the government works, starting another argument.

“Apparently, it can’t be a meeting called by the President of the United States –transparent,” Faulkner said. “Because why? Because she’s in it? Because she doesn’t want us to see them going back and forth?”

“No, Harris,” said Harf. “Because the real negotiating on substance does not happen with twenty TV cameras there.”

The battle ensued.


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