Marie Yovonavitch spoke for hours to say she knew nothing


On Friday, the media went wild in support of Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony, including Fox News. They saw her as “credible,” and believed her testimony should have come first because she did such a great job.

It lasted for hours, but not because she could shed light on any alleged criminality by the President, but because the questions and her sympathetic, near-tears demeanor distracted from the facts.

But, then along came Rep. Stewart.

Rep. Chris Stewart asked former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch if she had “any information regarding the President of the United States accepting any bribes. Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the president of the United States has been involved with at all?”

She answered, “No.”

Those are the only relevant questions before us, are they not?

So, you might ask, why the heck was she there? Her testimony was a waste of time. She whined about having her feelings hurt and losing a job that is always lost with each administration. Besides, the President of Ukraine couldn’t stand her so what good was she?

Watch her answer the key question:

She didn’t have any information about the President’s alleged abuse of power unless Democrats are trying to convince Americans that hurting her feelings covers it.


Tucker Carlson put the testimony of former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch in full, clear perspective. He described it as a “waste of our time” and something that “sounded like a therapy session.”

The Fox News host mocked the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine’s appearance before the House Intelligence Committee on Friday. She had no first-hand knowledge of the President’s call on July 25th. She was gone from her post by then.

“The only question on the table was and remains: has Donald Trump committed crimes that would justify his removal as president of the United States? And fairly early on Yovanovitch stated unequivocally that as far as she knows he has not,” Carlson said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Friday.

The left thinks the President’s treatment of her is abominable, but, as a woman in administration, I found her to be an embarrassment.


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