Marine LePen Is Coming In Second to “Champagne Socialist” Emmanuel Macron — Updates


We are updating this again and LePen is no longer ahead. At 9:17pm, Macron was ahead 23.9% to 21.4% for LePen with 97% of the votes tallied.

The French establishment is swiftly lining up to urge voters to now back Macron. Fillon, Hamon, Ayrault, Valls, and Paris’s communist mayor Anne Hidalgo are all backing Macron.

The exit polls came in with Emmanuel Macron, the fake “Centrist”, winning with about 24% of the French vote in the presidential elections and Marine LePen, an alleged “far-right” candidate, coming in second with 22%.

Wanting to close the borders and shedding the Socialist EU is considered “extreme”.

In an update at 4:00pmEST, we learned that those exit polls might not be as accurate as reported. LePen was winning.

Projections still have Macron finishing with 24% and LePen with 22-23%.

They will both qualify to compete in the second round but Macron is the heavy favorite. The Socialists and Communists will back him the second time around.

Emmanuel Macron, the French Obama

For France, Macron, who is Obama’s choice, is being called a “centrist” though he was a longtime member of the Socialist Party. Macron worked closely with Socialist Francois Hollande as one of his ministers. He left the Socialist Party in 2009 to make himself palatable as a centrist. He has his own movement called “En Marche”, “Forward” or “Onwards” — a typical Marxist slogan. He has some convenient right-wing views such as calling for an increase in defense spending and welcoming business.

Nile Gardiner called Macron a “limousine liberal” and a “champagne Socialist” who “represents business as usual”.

The Socialist Party candidate who lost – Benoit Hamon – immediately came out to back fake centrist Macron. Shocker!

Socialist heavyweight Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian also backed Macron.

Antifa thugs rioted after the vote came in.

They showed up at her rally on the 19th as well.

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