Marine Who Tried to Save Lives Is Fired for a Mistake


Jason Brezler is an FDNY firefighter and he is also a highly decorated Marine Major in the reserves or at least he was. He served 13 years and was fired this past week in what could be a case of unequal justice meted out by the military command.

Major Brezler

Major Jason Brezler, was he disgraced for trying to save the lives of men serving in Afghanistan?

Major Brezler was accused of mishandling classified information.

A friend said that for Brezler to be separated from the Marines is worse than jail.

Brezler had the support of a congressman, a senator, two Marine Corps generals and 60 others.

He broke security protocol by sending classified information over an insecure line in the summer of 2012 in an attempt to save the lives of Marines who were later murdered. He saw lives in danger where time was of the essence. He received an email from Marine officers in Helmand province, Afghanistan which was marked, ‘IMPORTANT: SARWAR JAN IS BACK.’

Sarwar Jan was a police official fired for raping children. Within minutes, Brezler wrote his colleagues at Forward Operating Base Delhi in Afghanistan about the development with a classified attachment detailing ties Jan had to the Taliban.

Sarwar Jan and his victims, who worked for him, were regularly let on the bases despite the fact that this information was known.

When the Marines wrote back that some of the information might have been classified, he self-reported.

As it turns out, Brezler’s warning could have saved lives. Two weeks after he sent the email, three Marines were shot to death and another seriously wounded in the gym at Delhi by a teenager working on the base for Jan.

The commanders at the FOB Delhi never followed up on the warning. Jan and the murderous teenager were detained and possibly released. Jan had been working as a police officer in another province despite his previous firing.

After taking a year to decide the case, the commanders have basically fired the 32-year old Marine.

Rep. King tried to get answers on Jan’s crimes and his whereabouts  but received nothing from the transparent administration.

The only one who was punished for these murders was Major Brezler who tried to save the lives of other Marines. There is no investigation into why the information was not acted upon. It is not known what has happened to the murderers but it appears that they have been released. The people at FOB Delhi who failed to act on the information have not been held to account.

The Marines apparently think that it is more important to punish a sincere Marine who tried to do the right thing and who made a mistake.

Major Brezler was honorably discharged. It is a very stiff punishment, especially when one reads the separation document.

The three-judge panel decided that he ‘had demonstrated substandard conduct, misconduct or professional or moral dereliction, and conduct unbecoming an officer by failing to observe correct protocols for handling classified information. He doesn’t deserve to stay in the Corps, they concluded.’

The panel said that Brezler kept classified documents on his personal computer to write a book and he knew he had them. Brezler said he took them back from Afghanistan by mistake. The documents had not been accessed. Marines in Afghanistan, according to Brezler, regularly do work at home and keeping these documents is not unusual.

Listen to this video interview:

The parents believe the case against Brezler was a smokescreen to cover up for the person or persons who dropped the ball in this case.

Click here to hear the parents of one of the murdered Marines.

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