Now We Know Why Mark Cuban Deleted Nasty Anti-Trump Tweets


Newsmax reports that Mark Cuban now says Trump policies could be a “big plus” for stocks. This is immediately after he deleted his nasty anti-Trump tweets from Twitter.

He’s playing it “by ear” he says.

“I think the discussed economic programs are potentially a big plus for public companies and the overall economy,” Cuban told in an e-mail Monday morning.

He’s optimistic about corporate tax cuts; getting rid of the “friction” for small businesses; and reducing and simplifying administrative activities.

It was only yesterday that he tweeted: Hey Donald, you do realize that with $11b you should be able to rig the system? After all no one knows the system better than you. Right ?— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) October 23, 2016

Now we know why he deleted all of his anti-Trump tweets.

Read about that on the link below.

Mark Cuban Is Deleting His Anti-Trump Tweets


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